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January 06, 2005


Although I always feel better when I get out of the house, entropy often keeps me home. It is so much easier not to get three kids ready to leave the house and then deal with them while we're out and about. I try to plan a lot of stuff for the hours when The Boy is in preschool, because even though I am still left with the two high maintenance girls at least there are only two of them to deal with. Even then I don't get out enough to suit the two year old.

As soon as we finish breakfast, she strips off her pjs, demands "Play plothes" and then asks to "go bye-bye." She never wants to just hang around and play. She gets really excited when she sees me putting on my shoes and asks, "Where we going?"

I guess I need to find some more things to do with her out of the house, huh? We have story time, when I can get the troops marshalled fast enough to get there and a there is a free music hour once a week at one of the local grocery stores, but I suppose I should find more play groups and things of that nature.

Not today, of course...she has a runny nose and last night had a fever of 101.4. First time she's been sick in a long time though, so I can't complain too much -- until she passes it on to me. Then I'll complain.


A couple of suggestions -
Barnes and Noble stores also offer story time. Check into the zoo, most offer yearly memberships that lessen the hurt of admittance fees. Is there a local botanical garden? My kids loved going to the one here in Birmingham.

Posted by: lisa at January 6, 2005 12:04 PM

I'm embarrassed to admit that we have a zoo membership, but I rarely think to use it, especially in the winter. I guess I should make it pay for itself a bit more.

Posted by: Jordana at January 6, 2005 12:07 PM

Just be sure when you leave the zoo you have the same number of monkeys you came in with!

It's funny how kids expect you to entertain them, and when you do it's never long enough. We have a Chik-Fil-A by us where my wife takes our youngster to play, though you get tired of the chicken nuggets after awhile.

Posted by: MarcV at January 6, 2005 02:47 PM