January 06, 2005

The Thursday Three Survives Into the New Year

1) What are three things you wish you had been able to get done in 2004, but didn’t?

I wanted to get a window and scalloped fish scale shingles put in our front gable, but we had to get a new back door, a new range and a minivan instead. I would have liked to end the year with a net weight loss, but having a baby prevented that one from happening. I wanted to go away for the weekend without the kids before the baby was born, but we ran out of time, energy and the moolah to make it happen

2) What are three things you have always wished to do, but still haven’t done?

I'd like to have an art show, even if it is only at the local coffeeshop where the art usually is wretched. I'd like to visit Scotland. I'd love to write a children's book.

3)Where were you on 17-16? What were Shug's and Bear's real names? Why would anyone go to Alabama when a good school costs about the same?

3a.) I wasn't even a gleam in my father's eye in 1972.
3b.) Terry's already answered this one, but I will admit that before going to Alabama for grad school, I'd never heard of Bear Bryant and had no idea why half of Tuscaloosa was named after him. That ignorance, by the way, is not a good thing to admit in front of your classmates.
3c.) Because they happen to offer a program in library science and pay you to go there, of course.