January 24, 2005

Birthdays Galore

We had a family birthday and a children's birthday party for kids from The Boy's school this weekend. First the family birthday...

Yesterday was Justin's birthday. He's as old as I am for the next few months. Marry younger than you are, I always say. Well, actually, I don't really say anything of the sort, but I did snag a younger man for myself -- though only by nine months. The grade difference was more pronounced. I was a college senior and he a freshman when we started dating. My friends were scandalized. Not really.

I am rotten at party planning. I'm happy to cook for parties, but just don't ask me to plan them. So I made a nice raspberry cheesecake for Justin, but forgot to put candles on it or even sing. I stink. I did invite people over after church last night for dinner and cheesecake though, so we did celebrate a little.

Of course, this year I also stunk at presents. I didn't get one at all. I just didn't get out shopping, because The Boy was sick. I think I'll get a babysitter and we can go out to dinner next weekend. It is a wonderful thing about husbands -- they tolerate things that wives would not -- like not getting presents from their spouse on their birthday. I do need to do better though.

He did get nifty presents from his family though -- a four foot level, a portable table saw and some new safety goggles. Fun stuff.

In the next installment, I shall tell you about the fanciest children's birthday party I have ever been to.


If he's like me, he's not worried about the presents as long as he has you. Happy Birthday to him--and you'll get no argument from me on marrying a young'un. Miss Reba outages me by two years and nine months.

Posted by: Terry Oglesby at January 24, 2005 12:19 PM

Call me. I'm a planner. Mr. Mayhem's birthday is Thursday. He probably won't get a party however. We will go out to eat next weekend. I haven't shopped yet either.(Don't tell him.) He hasn't told me what he wants. Mayhem #2 has been sick all weekend and we have a doctor'appointment later today. Rooha.

Posted by: Mercy at January 24, 2005 02:57 PM