January 20, 2005

Thursday Three Housework

The questions this week are on household chores.

1. What household chore are you best at/don’t mind doing?

I'm not really cut out for housewifery. I'm much less of a slob than I used to be, but I can't say there are many household chores that I do well or enjoy doing. Cooking is probably my favorite task and I think I'm generally pretty good at it. I don't mind putting laundry in the washer (folding it and putting it away are another matter).

2. Which household chore are you worst at/dislike/ and/or are dangerous at attempting?

I really don't like cleaning bathrooms, putting away laundry or dishes, vacuuming, or...well you name it and I probably don't really like it all that much.

3. What project has been waiting the longest for a real solution?

Generally, I suggest projects and sometimes buy the materials, but then let Justin do the actual work. Before the baby was born we went through a period where we finished off a ton of things on our to do list. I think the only one still remaining is to finish changing the hardware on our bathroom cabinets. You'd think even a trained monkey could do that one, but we ran into a few complications and so a few knobs are on, a few are attached but spin around, and the other knobs just sit on Justin's dresser and mock us.

Then there are all the things we haven't even started yet, like regrouting around the bathtub, cleaning and painting our kitchen cabinets, figuring out what we want to do to put in a cabinet where we ripped out a non-functioning ice machine, insulating all the pipes under the house, putting in a window in our gable which we planned to do the first year we moved in, caulking and painting the new backdoor/trim/walls that have sat unfinished since we had to replace our backdoor.

Did I say we'd finished a lot of our to do list? I guess I'd managed to "forget" a lot of the big projects that we just don't really want to do.