March 28, 2005

A is for Apple
B is for Boys
C is for Conjunctivitus

Somehow my family has managed to go for over five years of children in the house without pink eye. Our record winning streak has sadly come to an end. Sunday morning dawned grey, rainy, cold and with Justin complaining of a sore and red eye. The Boy told me he had a lot of "eye boogers" but I didn't think much of it -- the kids had woken up extra early, I was tired, they were hyped up on the few jelly beans I let them eat before breakfast and in the morning rush to get everyone dressed and out the door in time for church the "eye booger" comment fell by the wayside.

Clearly we should have left Justin at home, but he seemed to feel ok and I never like taking all three children to church by myself, if I can help it. By the time we got through Bible class though, Justin's eye was looking worse and I offered to take him home, but he opted to stay and merely sit in a dark classroom off the santuary so that he could listen to the sermon.

The one doctor in our congregation may be a pediatric cardiologist, but he took one look at Justin and told him he had to go to the doctor that day. So we found out where there was an open urgent care doc-in-the-box and took Justin to the doctor. The girls were asleep, so while Justin waited for the doctor, I took the kids to McDonald's and The Boy and I got hamburgers. This was the highlight of the trip. Mmmm...French fries make everything better.

So with a prescription for eye drops, we all went to the drugstore and then home, where I realized The Boy was similarly affected. This morning The Girl also had "the pink eye" as her brother calls it.

So far my eyes have not been affected and neither are the baby's. I sure hope to keep it that way. The giant supersized bottle of Purell that I bought at Sam's Club a while back has really come in handy.


Boy, do I feel for you. See all of December 2004 entries in my archives. Is it Vigamox that Justin is taking? That helped us, but when Mark went to the doctor, he was told that it was viral and just to wash the eye with saline regularly thoroughout the day. Seemed to work for him, but I wasn't taking chances with the kids.

Hope you guys are back to normal soon and that you and the baby don't get to share the experience.

Posted by: angie at March 29, 2005 03:46 PM

I visit your site now and again through Angie's and really enjoy it.

Though I can barely recall getting pink eye as a child, (I know I must've had it a couple of times), since I've become a Mommy, I think I've enjoyed at least 4 bouts with it! I'm so sorry to hear of your Easter illness, and hope your little ones are on the mend soon!

Posted by: Tricia at March 29, 2005 09:47 PM