March 28, 2005

Carrots, Noodles and Snakes

Potty training proceeds apace with daily accidents, but far more daily successes. The Girl is now wearing the world's tiniest Hanes Her Way underwear. It seems both amazing and adorable to see her running around in something other diapers. I can't believe how easy training has been this time around, although it wasn't particularly hard with The Boy either.

They are very different children even in this though. While up until a few months ago, The Boy wanted an audience and preferably "to be holded" while he did his business, The Girl generally shoves me out the door with her foot and demands her privacy. She made an exception for her brother this afternoon though. The two of them started calling out minute by minute updates on her defecation. Sports announcers, both of them -- with descriptions of the shapes (see the title above) and size and texture. Much more detail than I wanted or needed, but I suppose I do enjoy the moments when the children get along, even when engaged in seemingly unusual behavior.

People without children probably cannot know how much excitement is generated by getting one of them out of diapers, but trust me. It is truly a great day when it finally happens.


Kids! Do you have the book _Everybody Poops_? In any case, sounds like you've fostered a safe environment for the open discussion of such serious matters ;)

Posted by: Lenise at March 29, 2005 01:25 PM

Not to continue the "poop" discussion, but I must say that my kids had the same reaction and desciptions of their "products". Along with those you mention, we also had "banana" and "corny-dog". Makes me think twice about what I eat.

It truly is a rite of passage when you think about it. You have made a successful journey, my friend! Congratulations! (Also to The Girl, of course) Lydia's first pair of underpants were also very very tiny. And had Snow White on them. Very cute.

Posted by: a at March 29, 2005 03:41 PM