July 27, 2005

Regular Old Birthday Parties

My son's best friend from last year in preschool won't be continuing on at the same school. He'll be going to a much higher end private school, which, of course, pleases my son not one bit. "But you told me he was going to be in my class!" he complains whenever he thinks about it. It is rather sad, but fortunately his friend lives pretty close by and we might be able to get the boys together sometimes outside of school.

The Boy went to his friend's birthday party this past weekend. It was just your average party in a nice but not at all lavish or fancy house, with a game or two and a pinata that would not die, several (but not an overwhelming number) kids running around playing with regular toys and an ice cream birthday cake. This was the kind of party I was used to and felt comfortable taking The Boy to. It wasn't like the one we attended a while back with caterers, musicians, magicians and expensive toys for each of the huge number of children invited.

I was glad. I hadn't been sure what to expect, because The Boy's friend's dad is a fairly well known musician. The family goes on tour with the dad all over the world. Fortunately, although they aren't probably people we have a lot in common with, they seem to be very nice, not pretentious and their son and mine get along. Since The Boy often relates better to adults than other kids, I'm glad he has a friend and one that I can at least for now feel comfortable letting him play with.

We'll see what happens when the effects of having a rock and roll dad show up more, if they ever do.


Have you ever seen the movie "Cheaper By the Dozen" with Steve martin?

The kids go to a neighbor's birthday party that reminds me of the fancy one you describe.
Wine and an orchestra performing.

I almost did goody bags for my daughter's party recently but decided against it. when did this start? Giving presents to the guests?

Posted by: Mary at July 28, 2005 12:28 PM