September 13, 2005

Bible Bowl

Last Friday evening, I took The Boy, his clothes and a sleeping bag to our church building and after many hugs and kisses, sent him off with the other kids from church to Cookeville, TN to Bible Bowl. The kids have been studying Matthew all summer and answering questions and practicing. The Boy was excited to get to go. We could have gone with him, but with many things requiring our attention around the house, a baby and a dog, we decided to let him go without us. Besides, he didn't want us to go, because although he didn't mind us coming along, he knew we couldn't come without The Middle Girl and he feared she would interfere with his hanging out with his friends.

So we stayed home and had a relatively quiet weeked without the two older kids fighting.

It sure was nice to get him back on Sunday evening though. Plus it was funny to hear all the stories everyone had to tell about my boy. He's sure a sweetie.


I feel like I should say congrats on having a son mature enough (at his age) to not only handle an overnighter on his own but prosper and enjoy it!

The bonus is when he comes back and you get to hear from others what a special youngster you have - a true blessing.

Posted by: MarcV at September 13, 2005 11:55 AM

I'm a girl who goes to the Bible Bowl, and I think that's it great you send your son. What church did he go with? anyway, I love Bible Bowl, and it's such a cool thing to send ur kiddo to.

Posted by: Rach EL at September 25, 2005 03:18 PM