May 09, 2006

Language Barriers

We seem to have some language and culture confusion going on around here. And I don't just mean when the Toddler Girl calls all animals, except ducks and frogs, by our dog's name or refers to all fruits that aren't apples as bananas.

Last week, the kids and I were listening to music from one of my favorite musicals in the car. They particularly liked "Thank Heaven for Little Girls" and the boy noticed Maurice Chevalier's accent. "What language does he speak? Is he Chinese?"

Another day, we went to a Turkish restaurant. The Boy kept telling us how much he loved the Greek food and we kept trying to keep his voice down.

And finally, we passed a couple in the grocery store speaking Spanish. The Middle Girl asked me if they were speaking German.

Clearly, they are going to need some work in the foreign language department.


Just be glad he didn't think the Turkish food was Armenian; he'd have started a riot.

Posted by: Serdar Argic at May 9, 2006 05:42 AM

Do what I do - tell 'em it's all Hebrew, or Yiddish if you have to.

Hey - it's never too early to mess with your kid's head.

Posted by: skinnydan at May 9, 2006 10:14 AM