June 11, 2006

The Perfect Summer Dinner

Although there are a million summer-time dishes and foods that I love, last night we had what I have come to regard as my perfect summer dinner. The foods that now capture summer for me. We had bruschetta (my version involves slices of baguette, olive oil, salt and pepper, fresh basil, a slice of fresh tomato and a slice of fresh mozzarella and gratings of Parmesan broiled in the oven for about 5 minutes), corn sliced off the cob and sauteed in butter, slices of watermelon and ice cream sandwiches for dessert.

This isn't a meal full of childhood memories. Oddly enough, the only one of foods that I got regularly as a child was watermelon. We ate plenty of corn on the cob, but I didn't have it sauteed until seeing a recipe for it in one of the Barefoot Contessa's cookbooks a few years ago. I made up the bruschetta recipe myself (not that it's hard or probably all that original) a few years ago and I don't remember ever having an ice cream sandwich in our house as a child.

Sure, summer also means BLTs, black cherries, apricots, peaches, yummy things cooked on a grill and other pleasures, but in the past few years, no other meal has so entirely encompassed the flavor of summer for me. What foods or meals are quintessential parts of summer for you?


Yummy! Your bruschetta sounds scrump-dilly-ishus (and I don't even like tomatoes!)! I must check out the corn sauteed in butter...yum!

I think for me, anything grilled on the outside grill is a must for summer. Lots of fruit (cherries, strawberries, peaches, watermelon, etc.). Ice cream sandwiches and any form of ice cream (or sherbet) in general would also be on the list.

Is anyone else suddenly hungry?

Posted by: angie at June 11, 2006 06:56 PM

Not a meal, as such, but specific foods at specific times - the first stop for custard on the first really warm day in April; the first local strawberries of the season; Vidallia onions; BBQ chicken on the grill; corn on the cob purchased at a roadside stand; anything from the Farmer's Market in our community.

Posted by: Diane at June 12, 2006 08:08 AM

I associate grilled meat and fresh fruit with summer. Also fruit pies and cobblers. Oh, and wine coolers! LOL!! I have them in the house now and break one open as a treat in the afternoon sometimes.

Posted by: Jo-Lynne at June 12, 2006 12:50 PM