July 17, 2006

I Need Another Weekend

The weekend just past has been a busy and productive one, but now I need a second weekend to just relax for a while.

Friday night started out nice and lazy. Justin and I watched Casablanca, which I hadn't seen since I was in high school and Justin had never seen before. I'd forgotten just how good a movie it was and it makes me want to go on a Bogie kick and rent of few more of my old favorites.

Saturday morning, The Boy crawled into our bed at 6:00 to cuddle and mentioned a book he was looking for, which we knew was in the attic. Our attic has become, in recent months, a pit of despair and the cause of much woe any time we thought about it. We've been talking about cleaning it for ages, but never quite brought ourselves to do it. But not Saturday -- by 6:15 we were up, dressed and hauling stuff around. By the time the girls woke up and we quit at 7:30, we had a full station wagon load of stuff to take to Goodwill and an attic we could actually get into and find things in once more.

After eating breakfast and watering the potted plants, we headed out to do important things like checking Big Lots for something we were searching for (which we didn't find, but we did find a few other things we had been wanting and hadn't considering looking for at Big Lots) and then on to Sam's Club for olive oil and coffee.

In the afternoon we cleaned out the toy cabinet and rearranged things as well as permanently removing a lot of junk. That night Justin cleaned out our desk and I did some basic, necessary kitchen cleaning.

Sunday was full of more projects. I roasted a chicken in the crock-pot to shred for later meals, made pesto with my out-of-control basil (I freeze it in 1/2 cup containers to use later), and baked cookies for VBS, which started on Sunday night. Justin cleaned out our laundry "room" (it's actually a closet big enough to hold the washer, dryer and water heater and that's all).

The house is now fundamentally much tidier (though I'm just going to close my eyes when I open my closet and pretend that I didn't just throw a bunch of stuff on the floor instead of hanging it up) and it's nice to have all that stuff done. As I said to my husband, it felt like we were nesting, but it's a bit early for that since I don't think at 26 weeks that I'm quite in the third trimester yet.

This morning we're having some friends over to keep us company and play. After that, who knows? I doubt anything I do will be cleaning related.


Wow, it must feel GREAT to have all that done. I'm exhausted, and all I've done this morning is clean my kitchen and make a batch of babyfood. And a load of laundry. I guess that's pretty productive for 9am, afterall. But I'm ready for a nap!

Posted by: Jo at July 17, 2006 07:20 AM

Ooooh, I am a slug. Does lactating count as making baby food? I do THAT on a regular basis!

Posted by: Lenise at July 17, 2006 09:45 AM

Lenise, that's absolutely baby food.

And remember we've been ignoring these problem areas for a long time and I'm still not looking in the direction of my closet.

Posted by: Jordana at July 17, 2006 12:53 PM