September 01, 2006

Never Get the Head of Obstetrics As Your OB

I really like my doctor a lot. He's delivered all three of my kids. He's funny. Every labor and delivery nurse I've ever talked to has nothing but high praise for him. As far as doctors go, he's great. In fact, other people must have noticed that too, because he's now head of Obstetrics at the hospital and medical school near my house. Which means he's never in the office.

I had a check-up today (and Meredith watched my kids, which was absolutely wonderful and sweet of her, considering she's in the midst of packing up and moving). My check-up was very straight-forward. Just measuring things, checking my blood pressure and weight and listening to the baby's heart beat. I've gained 36 pounds which I'm not particularly thrilled about, but not surprised by either.

The only difficulty in my appointment was scheduling the next one. I'm supposed to go back in two weeks, but my OB is only in the office for two days at the beginning of that week which is too early. And all the other doctors in the practice are equally busy. I couldn't get an appointment with anyone earlier than afternoon with anyone at all.

So I'll go back in about 2 1/2 weeks, seeing my doctor, and hope that he'll manage to be around and out of meetings about the time the kidlet is due to make an appearance.


how exciting!

Our pediatrician left private practice to be some Vice president or something at the hospital.

I was crushed. He was so awesome. He could see us in the mall and remember all our names, details about our lives and everything that had ever happened with the kids!

Then we gave a new lady a chance and liked her a lot. Then she left to be a full time mom.

Now I can't find one I like in the practice.


Posted by: mary at September 1, 2006 01:47 PM

I like our pediatrician as much or perhaps even more than my OB. She, and her partners, all know our kids very well, are kind, and really know what they are doing.

If I could only find an internist I liked as much.

Posted by: Jordana at September 1, 2006 03:12 PM