September 05, 2006

Things That Happen When You Feel Faint and Need to Lie Down

I wasn't feeling so good right before lunch. I let the kids watch PBS and I lay down next to them. You would think this would be a nice little break. I know I hoped it would be.

While the older two stopped destroying the house and got interested in the doings of Mr. Rogers, the youngest one had no particular desire to watch television.

Instead, and in rapid succession, she:

(1) Removed all the folded clothes from the laundry basket waiting to go upstairs and stuffed them in various places around my bedroom.

(2) Started pulling off all the thread from a spool in my sewing box that had had just a tiny bit sticking out from under the lid.

(3) Stuck a raisin up her nose.

Never a dull moment here!


Once when my mom was lying down, I did her the great favor of wiping down her mahogany bedroom suite with Comet.

If it makes the bathroom clean, it should make the bedroom clean, too. Right?

I was about four at the time.

Posted by: Janis Gore at September 5, 2006 04:42 PM