June 07, 2007

Good Eatin'

My friend at Musings of a Housewife tagged me for a restaurant meme requiring me to tell you my five favorite restaurants. It is an interesting question, but since I firmly believe that the best restaurants are usually local, most of you won't know these places or ever get a chance to sample their yumminess, unless you travel to Nashville.

Sadly, I have far too many favorite restaurants. I really love to cook, but I love it when someone else plans the menu, slices, dices and cleans up too.

The two best restaurants I've been to in Nashville are both on the side of town where my new house is! Yay!

1) Margot Cafe

The menu changes every day. Everything is fresh, inventive, made in-house and absolutely delicious. It's a great date restaurant.

2) Eastland Cafe

Another great date restaurant, this one is also close to my new house and easier to get a reservation at for those times when a babysitter falls into your lap at the last minute. The herb-filled oil for dipping bread into was so good, I could have licked the plate and after the blueberry beignets for dessert, I think I did.

3) Sitar

My children sometimes call in "Mango Lassi Land" which gives you some inkling of what they really go there for, but although I do think their mango lassis are some of the best I've ever had, I would also recommend pretty much everything else on the menu too. Or go for the buffet at lunchtime and try it all. We've been going there since before my oldest child was even a gleam (or leer) in his father's eye. It is always good.

4) Monell's

There are a lot of restaurants that I've been to more often than this one and probably some I like even more, but it is definitely unique and perfect for taking visitors to, especially non-Southerners -- a good Nashville meat-and-three, with the usual Southern vegetables like macaroni and cheese along with turnip greens and okra. The tables seat twelve, so a large family can all sit together, or if you are there with a small party on a busy night, you'll get to cozy up and meet some new folks. Food is served right away and family style, so the kids are happy. There is a ton of food and it is all good country cooking -- everything from drinks to dessert is included in the price and there are choices set out on the table for just about everyone (though vegans would have difficulties). Outside the old house in which the restaurant is located, is a beautiful garden which my kids love to run around in after dinner, while the grownups finish up thirds and fourths.

And now for something completely different...

5) Sonic

My favorite fast food. The burgers are yummy and they can make any drink known to man.

I don't know who to tag. I guess I'd especially like to know what Nashvillians think, but anyone else who is interested feel free to join in.


Of course I've never heard of those, but I sure do want to take a trip to Nashville more than ever, now!!

And I should pass this info along to my brother, who visits his girlfriend in Nashville frequently.

Posted by: dcrmom at June 11, 2007 11:34 AM

Yay for Sonic!! I was so excited when we got one in our town =]

Posted by: Lenise at June 11, 2007 09:56 PM