July 25, 2007

School? Already?

I can't believe the time has passed so quickly, but here I am planning the first week of school for the kidlets. The seven year old will be beginning second grade and I'll be starting to do Kindergarten work with the four year old since her birthday is coming right up in September.

I really thought that by the time school rolled around we'd be in our own house, but obviously that is not the case. Instead, I want to get started next week so that when we eventually (I hope) get to move into our house, we'll have enough school behind us to take a bit of a break and settle in.

I plan to start school next Monday and so I've been writing up a preliminary schedule. I know full well that we won't stick to it precisely, but I want to have a plan. When I followed it more or less and planned out a week at a time last year, things went much more smoothly than when I sort of haphazardly just grabbed something and started working on it.

Teaching two kids this year will complicate matters, I imagine, especially since it isn't like the baby and the toddler are going to sit quietly in a corner while I endeavor to educate the older ones. I imagine we'll either be doing a lot of group activities or a lot of guided "here's your work, now go do it" types of things.

My goals for the year include more religious education, foreign language instruction, a better concentration on art, and continuing the progress we made in other subjects.

The four year old is very excited at the prospect and the seven year old is wondering what's in store. I admit that I am too. I can't believe it is already time to begin.