July 27, 2007

Free Literature

Yay! Free stuff!

I was browsing around iTunes the other day, because I have fallen in love with podcasts. So much stuff to listen to, so little time. Then I found something else to fall for. I'd noticed the iTunesU section, but since I'm not in college and have no real desire to go back to college (unless I could live in a dorm by myself and have someone clean the bathrooms and feed me -- then I might consider it -- if I could have my 19 year old body back) I didn't pay much attention.

Then the name of a children's book in the popular downloads caught my eye. I clicked on it just for investigative purposes and discovered that the University of South Florida has put up a huge children's literature curriculum for teachers with recorded poems and books on iTunes and the full text and teaching suggestions on line at Lit2Go.

My kids and I love to listen to books on the iPod when we're driving around and although I can check a bunch out from the library, I'm like a junkie when I find another source. Now my only problem is not filling up the whole 30 Gigs with kiddie lit.

And those without an iPod can still download stuff to their computers and listen there.



Posted by: Meredith at July 27, 2007 06:22 PM