August 30, 2007

A Bend In The Road

Anne Shirley often talks about the road of life -- sometimes the way seems straight and clear for a bit and then one reaches a bend in the road around which one cannot see. Sometimes the bends take one by surprise and one can never be sure what good or ill lies just beyond view.

Although this will come as a complete surprise to 90% of my readers, there is one more thing, in addition to moving, living in someone else's house, homeschooling, renovating an old house, and fence building, that has kept my mind occupied and my thoughts away from blogging. That one other thing is one of those unexpected bends in the road. If one had suggested just two years ago that my path would take such a turn,I would have told them they were mad. Twelve months ago, I began to imagine that my husband's path might, but I knew that mine never would. And then, just a few months later, my heart began to change. The path I was traveling suddenly curved away, taking me away from much of what I thought I knew and the direction I thought I was going.

I fought the guide at first, then prayed that my path would turn back and away from where I could see it going, then pleaded, "Why me?" In the end, though, I knew the path was true and that I must follow where I must go.

And by now you are all wondering, What is she talking about? What path? What kooky, nutty thing has this woman done now? It's a surprisingly simple thing, and an even more beautiful thing, and yet it is the most complicated, frightening, and difficult thing I've ever done: my family has bid farewell to the church we had followed, without rancor and with great love and admiration for all its members including all of my husband's family, and we will shortly be received into that most ancient, hated, and beloved church, the Catholic Church.

I may blog about this more as time goes on and as life permits. I am neither a debater nor an apologist, although I will be glad to answer friendly questions asked in a spirit of love and friendship. Comments are closed on this post, but you all can find my e-mail address if you need it.