August 29, 2007

Family Traditions

Adams Kids with their cones.jpg

In my family, it is a tradition that when a child starts Kindergarten, they receive a cone filled with toys, school supplies and other goodies. This isn't a tradition special only to us -- it's really a German custom -- but my aunt lived in Germany for about 30 years and so, when her nieces and nephews started heading off to school, she started making cones for them.

I remember getting my cone on the first day of Kindergarten and I still have it (flattened though it may be) packed away in my cedar chest along with my wedding dress and other important paraphernalia. We also have the seven year old's cone, of course. This year we had another Kindergartener and she needed a cone. In order to make sure no one was left out, my aunt also made and filled cones for the other kids.

They were all very pleased. My aunt did inform me though that she had gotten a bit carried away -- in Germany cones are not traditionally as tall as the child going off to Kindergarten (of course, the beginning scholar is rather short...)



Posted by: Patricia at August 29, 2007 03:20 PM

So cute...I saw this photo on your Flickr set from yesterday and wondered if that's what the cones were.

(Sniff, sniff) It seems like only yesterday we were reading about the Boy's first day of kindergarten.

Posted by: Meredith at August 29, 2007 03:46 PM

What a great tradition! I love it! Thanks for sharing this, as well as the wonderful picture!

Posted by: Tricia at August 29, 2007 04:34 PM

What a great tradition to pass down to the kiddos!

Posted by: Amy at August 29, 2007 07:48 PM

I wonder if these kids will always look so much alike.

Posted by: Janis Gore at August 30, 2007 02:40 PM

I don't know, Janis. The oldest looks most like his father. The four year old looks like me. The two year old has totally different coloring, dark, dark eyes, curly hair and looks like my husband's brother and mother. The youngest looks like my brother some what and definitely favors the coloring from my family.

Posted by: Jordana at August 30, 2007 03:55 PM

They all share the same jawline, though, and cheeks, it seems to me.

All of my parents' children resemble in the same ways.

Posted by: Janis Gore at August 30, 2007 04:21 PM

Oh, no! That baby is growing up!! My friend with the four girls said she doesn't feel the need to have a baby of her own anymore, but I'm not sure I will ever feel that way. Thankfully, I don't have to think about that at the moment ;)

Posted by: Lenise at August 30, 2007 05:39 PM

By the way, what do they call those things in German? I want to say Schultueten, but that sounds like the mundane bookbag kind of bag. I know we learned about it in Deutsch Aktuell I (possibly II, but I think I)

Posted by: Lenise at August 30, 2007 05:41 PM

Lenise, you're right. Schultuete.

Posted by: Jordana at August 30, 2007 07:12 PM

Well how 'bout that! I guess my education was not entirely wasted. ;)

Posted by: Lenise at September 1, 2007 06:50 PM