January 22, 2008

Stay Home

I'm getting a message loud and clear. Last week a million different things prevented me from doing errands. This week I didn't have a lot of things planned and I want to get a lot of unpacking and packing done, but I did have some places in mind that I wanted to get to.

On our way home from church on Sunday the check engine light came on. It's generally not recommended that you tool around town when that light is burning, so the van went to the mechanic's. It's the only vehicle we have that holds all the rugrats, so I'm staying home.

Yesterday I worked on unpacking things and putting them in our lovely master closet with 11 foot ceilings and shelves all the way up. A lot of the things will move upstairs when we have an upstairs, but getting them out of boxes and getting the boxes out of my bedroom is a great feeling.

Today it will be more of the same. Unpacking, sorting and cleaning are the goals and I hope to get a lot done.


Rats on the van.

On the other hand, I always double my productivity when I am home by force. I would be a much better homekeeper without my car!

Posted by: Meredith at January 22, 2008 11:59 AM