January 22, 2008

Diplomas on a Wall

Yesterday between unpacking boxes, I hung up my diplomas in the little hallway where the master closet hits between the bedroom and bathroom. My husband has all his diplomas and things hanging in his office, because when people go to visit their lawyer they like to know that he graduated from college and law school. People are funny like that.

The house is my office and since I have the things framed I might as well hang them up. Now when I go to brush my teeth in the morning, I can remember that I once graduated with honors in German. When I return to my bedroom, I can remember that I once read German and understood literature well enough to get a Master's. When I pick out clothes for the day, I can think about how I once knew enough library science to get a job in an academic reference department.

Then I can go on with my day, look at the German books on a high bookshelf and wonder if I can still read them, or some day when I have a van again take the kids to the library and use my excellent librarian skills to find Hardy Boys and fairy tales.

My life may not be the one it looked I was headed towards when I got all those degrees, but those degrees helped me be who I am and do what I do -- if only in subtle ways.


Ah! I didn't realize you were a librarian too.

Just remember the most common question nearly all reference librarians get: Where is the bathroom? Definitely need a masters for that.

Degrees are nice, but they are often very silly things. Certainly the other stuff you've got is vastly better.

Have a great day. (BTW, I am slowly recovering, thanks for your prayers.)

Posted by: jennifer at January 28, 2008 02:40 PM