February 26, 2008

A Few Lovely Days of Nothing

Being a tourist for six weeks is exhausting. I like getting out and doing things, but walking around seeing the sites all day every day can quickly get to be too much.

We spent that Monday returning from Yorkshire and had absolutely no desire to go out when we finally got home at 1:30 or so. My husband did change into a suit and head in to Chambers, but the rest of us lazed around at home.

The next morning I still wasn't up for much touring, plus we've had great difficulties with our front door lock -- leading to us being both locked out and in -- so finally that day we had a locksmith coming over to change out the whole contraption. I am sorry to report that contractors in England do not have any more desire to show up on time than those in America. By the time he did show up, it was rather late to get started anyway.

Wednesday I had intended to get out and do something, but we had to wait for someone from the rental agency to pick up the spare key and copy it, and again, by the time he arrived, it was late to get started on a trek out somewhere.

So instead we read, did math (which we've sadly neglected for quite some time) and just caught up a bit on all those little things that make for pleasant domesticity.

Finally on Thursday we ventured out into the wide world again. I chose to take the children to a place they would love -- naturally, I had to pick the worst possible week, when all the little English children were on their half term holiday, to do it. I'm not sure when the English learn to queue up, but the 3-8 year old set has not seemed to have yet mastered the skill.