June 12, 2008

Musical Taste

I'm not a particularly musical person. I like music, I enjoy singing although I doubt I carry a tune all that well, and I think I like good music, but I'm still not particularly musical. My husband is much more so. He can sort of sight read music and can definitely carry a tune. He used to lead singing at church and is now trying to start a schola.

The other day when I picked the kids up from Totus Tuus, my five year old piped up with. "Mom, today we sang this song that Mary supposedly sang, but I don't think she would have sung it to this tune!" She hummed a very campy, modern tune. "I didn't like it. I think they should use better music." The eight year old chimed in, "Neither did I. I'm not sure it was really appropriate. "

My children definitely seem to take after their father, much more musically attuned than I. But it is also the case that children are adults in training with their own opinions and tastes. To choose particular music and tunes to appeal to the youth, gives the youth little credit.


I totally agree. I always liked it best when we were given grown up music as kids. (I did church choir, bell choir, orchestra at school and community, play semi-pro now.) Grown up music, especially Bach, was part of my earliest understanding of church. That's why I never got the whole folk-songs-with-guitars thing a lot of the Catholic churches in our area did in the eighties. Fortunately there are places with better music! It's not the most important thing, but it makes me happy - I think it communicates to me in a way I understand better.

The fact that they recognize it says you've already introduced them to a bunch of the better stuff. They'll appreciate it down the road too.


Posted by: Jennifer at June 12, 2008 04:04 PM