June 13, 2008

How Am I Doing?

Although a few weeks ago, my doctor informed me that I'd counted a whole extra week than I had gained, I think I am almost at 37 weeks now. I'm not getting to any of the typical nesting stuff (oh, I suppose I could clean the house, but I'm talking about the fun stuff like pulling out the baby clothes and decorating a nursery that I won't really use much). I don't know where the baby clothes are and the upstairs isn't finished enough to set up a nursery. A while back I made up list of things I need to do, so let's check in and see what's been done, it will make my non-nesting self feel better.

I suppose a few things do cross the mind -- I probably should find at least enough baby clothes so that the kidlet can come home from the hospital in something other than a diaper and I should probably get out the port-a-crib with the bassinet attachment. But the latter can definitely wait until the wee bairn arrives, if necessary. What else does one do to get ready for a baby? I've forgotten.


You've done a good job on the list. It's been three years since I had to prepare for a baby so my brain is a bit deflated in the advice area. I was going to say pack your suitcase, which you have on the list. If you don't get around to it someone can always bring you your things once you are at the hospital. Good luck!

Posted by: Melissa at June 14, 2008 11:13 AM

Crap - you mean I should actually prepare? I must be the least nesting, laziest pregnant woman on earth. I probably ought to at least make sure this child will have a car seat so they let her come home with us. And packing a bag is probably a good idea...or at least making a list of what should go in the bag. I have made arrangements for my mother to come and watch my daughter so there is one thing I could check off if I had a list. And with 1 load of laundry I could check off the issue of clothing the baby to leave the hospital. And I am so impressed that you are freezing meals while caring for all of your current kiddos. I suppose I could get my hubby to plug in the chest freezer and get cooking a little. Some soup, a lasagna, meatloaf, hmmm...nope sounds like nesting. We'll order in. LOL

Posted by: Michelle at June 15, 2008 12:36 PM

What skinny carseats did you find? We would dearly love to fit three carseats in the backseat of our Honda Accord, though I fear that might be beyond wishful thinking. (No, not pregnant as yet. But our track record at preventing such things is ... lacking, so I'm thinking ahead.)

Posted by: Another Jordana at June 15, 2008 05:24 PM