September 15, 2008

Big Catholic Families

"I like being Catholic," said the eight year old. "Not only because I love the faith, but also because I have so many friends now. Before at church there were only four kids around my age. Now there are more than fifteen!"

Not all Catholic parishes are bursting with children, but we attend one with lots of large families. In fact, my husband and I were joking that with our five children we've just met the minimum quota. Of course, this isn't true, but there are an awful lot of families that take up two pews on a Sunday morning.

There are kids every where. There is noise and life. There are wiggly kids and kids who have to go to the bathroom. There are babies nursing and children fussing. And they aren't always only my children!

It is always comforting to be in a group with others like you. When doing something different, like raising a large family, it sure helps to have older moms and dads who have been through all this to talk to and friends who are doing it right now to commiserate with.

Over the weekend, we had our Catholic homeschooling group over for a potluck and annual planning meeting. By my count we had thirty-two kids and a lot of families didn't make it and some left their older children at home. I'm glad to be part of that group; to have found so many people to help me through all the tough times that come with raising and educating the children.

My son is right. It is nice being Catholic.


I have to admit that when sitting by myself in Mass I sometimes catch myself looking at all the families with some sadness mixed with a tinge of envy. You are very fortunate indeed that you all swam the Tiber together: I've not yet figured out how to get the Missus into the water and there are times when I despair of ever doing so.

Posted by: Robbo at September 16, 2008 07:01 AM

That's awesome! You do seem so contented now. :-)

Posted by: Musings of a Housewife at September 16, 2008 07:55 AM