September 16, 2008

All Through the Night

Guess who slept from 10:45 to 7:30 in her bassinet! Woohoo!

Note: The above photo is not from this morning. I do not keep pillows in the bassinet.


WOOT! Oh just look at that precious baby. I want to hold her again.

Posted by: Musings of a Housewife at September 16, 2008 10:21 AM

Oh, I remember how wonderful those types of moments were. Good for you...hope you actually slept too, and wasn't awake from time to time to check on her.

Btw, great profile photo. Very Audrey Hepburn-ish!

Posted by: melissa at September 16, 2008 03:15 PM

Hi...saw your name mentioned on Like Merchant Ships and had to click over! It isn't everyday that another Jordana comes across my path! Cheers to being a Jordana!

Posted by: JORDANA at September 16, 2008 08:16 PM

She's precious, and what a nice baby to let you sleep! I must be doing something wrong. Jay was the only one to sleep through the night before he reached toddlerhood. Daniel's not quite there (toddlerhood) yet, but he's only slept through the night twice. Oh well!

Posted by: Lenise at September 17, 2008 01:09 PM

Ooooh! CUTE! love those chubby cheeks and arms. I am impressed, none of mine slept through the night this early.

Posted by: Bronwyn at September 17, 2008 02:36 PM

Such a sweetie. She looks about the same age as my youngest (2 months) who isn't sleeping through the night, but only wakes once to eat around midnight or one and I'll be thrilled with that if she keeps it up!

Posted by: Kansas Mom at September 20, 2008 07:49 PM