May 09, 2005

And Spring Also Brings...

...HOME IMPROVEMENT PROJECTS, of course. You'd think a house in relatively good shape wouldn't need all this improving, but some how we always think of twenty more things we want to do to the place. Off the back, we have a small deck. It's low to the ground and hasn't caused any major injuries to the children, although The Boy did catapult The Girl off of it one time while using the teeter-totter too close to the edge, BUT The Dog likes to jump off the deck and run straight through my newly expanded flower bed and we certainly can't have that.

Yes, children falling -- not too much of a concern. Trampled flowers? We must do something. Something will actually be beneficial to both children and flowers. We're putting a railing around the deck. Justin started on Saturday and by Sunday afternoon, one side was up and another side has all the posts mounted. It's a great start.