June 15, 2005

One Reason I Love Gardening

This morning I was out watering all the flowers and it struck me that one reason I love gardening is the feeling that old friends are coming back to visit me every year. Other than providing water and a little fertilizer, I don't actually do much for these plants. I'm not gardener enough to attempt things that are very difficult.

These perennials come up every year and then one by one start blooming and being great visitors. Sure, some get a little pushy and the crowds need to be contained, but overall I love to see them year after year.

The day lilies, although probably the most likely to come back and look great without any help from me, are also one of my favorites to see returning every year. I have a lot of colors and varieties and I never remember what color will be where. It's an adventure every summer to see what will be red, what purple, what will be orange or pink or cream. Getting out and seeing what's blooming where is something exciting enough for me to almost enjoy the morning stroll through the garden watering, although as the summer goes on, the weather gets hotter and more and more of my friends start to age and leave for the year that chore gets less fun.

But still, the flowers and the chance to see things grow and change year after year are wonderful. From the first peeking bulbs to the mums in the fall, I look forward to visits from my old friends for years to come.


I love day lilies, but the deer love them too. I was very happy that my peonies did well this year.

Posted by: Sarah G. at June 15, 2005 07:12 PM